REMEMBER your soul's purpose . CLAIM your brilliance . CREATE your perfect business


RETREAT, MASTERMIND & MENTORING For LIFE COACHES - LIVE RETREAT begins Sunday, Sept 10, 2017, 6:00pm - Thursday Sept 14, 2017, 12:00pm



Is your soul calling you to show up completely and make the difference you were meant to make? Join the SOUL SISTERHOOD


  • You're a new Life Coach who is excited, confused, overwhelmed, and terrified about what direction to take building your coaching business and you want a Mentor;
  • You’re transitioning from corporate-employee-mode to soul-entrepreneur-mode and you need some help and guidance;
  • You keep putting off growing your coaching business and you can’t figure out why;
  • You're an experienced Life Coach Entrepreneur but you are bored or unmotivated with your current coaching business and want to make a change but you’re unsure about your direction;
  • You don’t know what makes you unique or special, you haven’t claimed a niche and you lack confidence because of that;
  • You have a deeply spiritual purpose and you’re afraid to claim it;
  • You’ve been feeling alone and you're aching for deep soulful and supportive connection.


As Steven Pressfield says:

“The more important an activity is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistance your will feel.”

If you are feeling an urgency to do what you came here to do, you are hearing the call of your soul.  You know it’s time to stop hiding who you really are – but it’s so scary and overwhelming and confusing.

Creating a coaching business that is the intersection of your biggest joy and the world’s biggest needs WILL evolve your soul and WILL bring up your resistance. Our survival as a species has been based on NOT making change.  We are hard-wired to feel resistance when we try to change.  Our brains will question and criticize and doubt to keep us safe.

Learning to feel afraid and yet continue on creating and growing your soul-based business IS the challenge of the Life Coach Entrepreneur. 

You need to keep connecting with your Soul, keep doing and keep getting out of your own way or else you won’t create the work you were meant for.

In the Soul Sisterhood you’ll REMEMBER your soul’s purpose, overcome resistance and create your soul’s work.


The Soul Sisterhood is a  Retreat, Mastermind and Mentoring Program that takes place over a 3 month period. The program will help you to trust your wisdom, unlock your genius, get out of your own way and create the business that is aligned with your purpose.

You will:

1.     Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose – so that you find your direction and motivation;

2.     Claim Your Multiple Gifts – so that you build your confidence and your competence;

3.     Define Your Soul’s Niche – so that you get a focus for your business;

4.     Craft Your Message – so that the people who need you can find you;

5.     Create an Offer They Crave and You LOVE – so you can make a living while making a difference, doing what you’re passionate about;

6.     Stop Hiding, Release Resistance & Face Fear – so that you get of the couch and DO IT NOW.

When we’re done you'll:

  • Have a business that fits you perfectly, doing what you love, the way you love to do it, serving the people that you love the most;
  • Be confident about your business and your niche, which may or may not have a coaching focus;
  • Know exactly what your soul-service is and be building your own tribe;
  • Take action and no longer believe that you’re not ready yet;
  • No longer feel alone, and you’ll have a soul sisterhood for life-time support and connection;
  • Listen to your own soul’s voice more than to the latest entrepreneurial guru;
  • Be the healer, leader, teacher or guide that you were meant to be. 


THE SOUL SISTERHOOD - Retreat, Mastermind & Mentoring Program - an extraordinary 3 months!



You'll stay 5 days and 4 nights.  Check-in is at 4pm, and we begin on Sunday September 10, 2017 at 6pm – Thursday September 14, 2017 at 12pm, when you'll check out.

Nordik Spa Nature, 16, chemin Nordik, Chelsea (Quebec) CANADA.

Located at the entrance of Gatineau Park, only 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Nordik Spa-Nature is the largest Nordik spa in North America.  This is a short, 30 minute drive from the Ottawa International Airport. 


Tuesdays 10am – noon (ET) until December 12, 2017, in the comfort of your own home.


Use your sessions at any time you wish until January 31, 2018.

There are only 8 spots for this Retreat & Mastermind!



You and 7 others will escape to a transformative getaway at the Alpina and Nordik Lodges in the Nordik Spa Nature in beautiful Chelsea, Quebec (20 minutes from the Ottawa airport).  This is a natural oasis in a beautiful city.  If you've never been to Canada's capital region - you've bypassed a well kept secret. 

You'll stay in one of two fully equipped lodges. Each lodge has 4 or 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is is a full kitchen, wood burning fireplace, sauna and wi-fi access. You'll also have daily unlimited access to the Spa's Thermal Experience.

The Nordik Spa Nature is located at the entrance of beautiful Gatineau Park, Quebec. Just 15 minutes from Parliament Hill,  Gatineau park covers 361 square kilometres and lies in an area where the Canadian Shield meets the St. Lawrence Lowlands and where the Ottawa River meets the Gatineau River. This natural park land has a unique and diversified ecosystem that you'll experience.

Each day you'll connect to the earth, connect to your soul and connect with each other. This time is for you to remember who you really are, get clear on what you came here to do, and start doing it!

We'll do interactive, creative exercises that involve personal reflection, sharing in pairs and with the group, drawing, movement, music, and visualizations. You'll deep dive into what makes you uniquely you.  You’ll be personally coached and you'll you'll have a unique sound healing experience so that you have the opportunity to connect to your soul in a unique way! You'll also get the space and time you need to take care of you.



If you crave deep, in-person connections this experience will feed your soul

Even though we dive deep, this work isn’t solemn and serious. It’s fun, and it’s playful. You’ll have belly laughs, and you’ll probably shed a few tears. I can promise you, that you’ll feel safe to be exactly who you are…warts and all.

A sisterhood is a deep soul connection with others.  The bonds of sisterhood are built with love, and the desire to see each-other rise to their full potential. 

Your Soul Sisterhood will hold you up when you doubt and support you when life gets in the way of your dreams.  Your Soul Sisters will help you to be the “real” you and drop the pretense.  They will see your beauty when you can’t see your own.  They will remind you over and over again who you really are, when your mind wants to forget.

The power of a sisterhood will ignite, inspire and support you.




DAY ONE (evening session): Welcome, Intentions & Spa!

The focus of our evening session on Day One is connection.  We’ll create intentions for the program and the retreat and you’ll start getting to know the group and our location.  We’ll take advantage of the thermic Spa on our first night for some rest and relaxation before we start our first full day.


DAY TWO: See Yourself.

The focus of Day Two is self-discovery. The day is designed to help you see your own gifts and examine your divine discontent. By the end of Day Two, you “get” that you really are unique, and you’ll be able to see the magic in each person that is present. This is where real connections begin to form.

We start the day with drawing exercises that connect you to the right brain. (Don’t worry, no artistic talent is required!) You’ll be shocked at how much your subconscious already knows about what you want, that you aren’t consciously aware of.

You’ll see just how different you are from everyone else that is present — even though you have similar passions and desires. I’ve done this exercise many times with clients, and it’s always mind-boggling! You finally let go of the false belief that you have nothing different to offer.

In short, Day Two feels like a love-in. You’ll end the day with a smile, bubbling with excitement and the desire to dig even deeper.


DAY THREE: See Your Hidden Self.

Day Three is where we’ll focus on the hidden parts of you — the parts of you that you don’t usually share, the shadow parts that you’ve disowned. This might include excavating your ego-based and ancestral fears (fears you’ve inherited) or becoming aware of sub-personalities that are no longer useful.

Your purpose lies behind your pain, so you’ll be shining a light on the painful parts of your life to uncover your core message and your soul’s purpose. You’ll clear the forest of your ego-self so that your soul-self can emerge.

You’ll also get coached by me, either personally or through hearing someone else get coached.

Day Three is a deep-dive and, although it can be tough, it’s rewarding. You’ll have plenty of time at the end of this day to integrate and make meaning of your life lessons which are both light and dark.

I’ve planned a 90-minute Sound Healing experience for the evening of Day 3. Known as “sound baths”, this experience is particularly powerful due to the intent of many minds and hearts synchronized together to create a coherent state. Using many different types of sound healing instruments including Antique Tibetan Singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums, and gongs these sacred healing allies wake you up, yet deeply relax you, by inducing whole brain states, altered consciousness, and a perception of timelessness. This 90-minute session integrates ceremony and energy healing.

DAY FOUR: Face Your Fears.

When you wake up on Day Four, you’ll feel like a shift has happened. You’ve released something.  You'll become aware of the patterns that have been holding you back and start naming and moving through what gets in your way.  You'll connect with your real source of power - your soul's purpose. We’ll spend the day outside, in nature - walking, enjoying the spa and being personally coached.  You’ll release even more old fears and blockages.

We’ll end this day with an optional group meal to celebrate all that you’ve already accomplished!

Day Five:  Embrace Your Soul Self.

Our final day ends at noon.  This day is filled with celebration and integration.  When we gather together, each person receives honest and loving feedback from everyone in the group. This experience is mind-blowing and transformative, as you allow yourself to simply receive.

We round out the day with you completing your personal See Your Soul Summary and Soul’s Calling Blueprint. By the end of Day Five, you’re clear on exactly what your next steps are and which commitments you are ready to make. We’ll end at mid-day.

Although Day Five is an exhilarating celebration, it’s also bittersweet because we must say goodbye to each other (for now!). The good news is that this isn’t the end for the group. In our  Mastermind, you can keep up the momentum with support from people who see the real you and will help you to move forward.



In the 12 weeks of Mastermind Calls you'll work through the process of building a soul-aligned business.  Whether you are starting from scratch or re-inventing an existing long established business, this process works.  You will:

  • Claim and accept your soul's purpose.  When you have a purpose that is off the beat and track, you may resist claiming it. But it's yours!  You'll get the help you need to do what you came here to do!
  • Share your genius both inside and outside the Sisterhood.  That means that you will try your services out in a safe place and get honest and authentic feedback.
  • Define your niche clearly.  You'll be able to test and tweak your niche so that it's a perfect fit.  You'll also discover "how" to best offer your services.
  • Craft the message you stand for and include this in your website and offers.  This is how you'll stand out and stop fitting in.  You'll define the difference that makes you unique and start voicing that.
  • Find your people and connect and communicate with them.  Research, research, research.  You'll do the work to discover who needs and will pay for what you offer.
  • Create an offer that your people crave or a passion project aligned with your purpose.  In the Mastermind, this is your tangible product or result - creating something that is soul-inspired that you love and your people need.
  • Get coached to get out of your own way.  You'll get coached by Bev AND you'll be learn how to  to self-coach, and do that.  You'll be required to get coached by each person in the group.  You can guarantee that your coaching confidence will sky-rocket and you'll get out of your own way!

Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Starting at the RETREAT at the beautiful Spa Nordik in Chelsea, Quebec, you'll unlock your soul's purpose and remember what you came here to do.

Own Your Genius

In the WEEKLY MASTERMIND, live video calls, you'll claim your multiple gifts, get out of your own way and have weekly business building activities to undertake. You'll find your voice and start DOING.

Find Your Soul Tribe

You'll create a deep bond with your soul sisters.  You'll use your genius with your soul sisters, get the support you need to stop hiding. You won't be alone anymore.

Get Going!

FOR 3 MONTHS, you'll have weekly LIVE group video calls and two private coaching sessions with Bev.  You'll get the guidance, the coaching and the accountability you need.


Full Program including Accommodation

$2220 (US funds plus $500 deposit) OR $3000 (Canadian funds plus $500 deposit) – as of the date of this writing.  (Calculations are based on the daily conversion rate for $3500 in Canadian funds)


  • The 4 day Retreat (including Bev’s signature workshop and coaching),
  • 4 nights accommodation in the Alpine or Nordik Lodge at the Spa Nordik, Chelsea, Quebec, CANADA
  • An assortment of breakfast foods available in the lodge and daily lunches,
  • Unlimited Thermic Spa experience at the Nordik Spa,
  • Sound Healing Bath with an invited local guest,
  • Twelve (12), 2 hour, weekly Mastermind & Mentoring group sessions,
  • Two (2), private Coaching Sessions with Bev,
  • Private Facebook Community,
  • Bev’s tools and resources including her book – Roadmap to Your Soul’s Calling and the Soul’s Calling Cards PLUS other worksheets, toolkits and surprises.


  • Reserve your spot with a $500 US deposit
  • Then, four payments of $555 US beginning on August 1.


  • Reserve your spot with a $500 CAD deposit
  • Then four payments of $750 CAD beginning on August 1.


$2220 (US funds plus $500 deposit) OR $3000 (Canadian funds plus $500 deposit) – as of the date of this writing.  (Calculations are based on the daily conversion rate for $3500 in Canadian funds)

Full Program without Accommodation:

  • $2700 (Canadian Funds plus $500 deposit)



Apply for this program.  Make a FREE 20 minute consult.  We’ll discuss this program.  I’ll answer your questions and we’ll determine if this is a good fit. 


Make your deposit to hold your spot.



Celebrate and make your travel arrangements!