SOUL'S CALLING™ SISTERHOOD retreat, mastermind & mentoring


REMEMBER your soul's purpose . OWN your genius . DO your life's work!


SEPTEMBER 9 - 13, 2018




Is your soul calling you to show up completely and make the difference you were meant to make? Join the SOUL'S CALLING™ Sisterhood!

Who is the SOUL'S CALLING™ Sisterhood for?

  • You're a new Life Coach who is excited, confused, overwhelmed, and terrified about what direction to take building your coaching business and you want a Mentor;
  • You’re transitioning from corporate-employee-mode to soul-entrepreneur-mode and you need some help and guidance;
  • You keep putting off growing your coaching business and you can’t figure out why;
  • You're an experienced Life Coach Entrepreneur but you are bored or unmotivated with your current coaching business and want to make a change but you’re unsure about your direction;
  • You don’t know what makes you unique or special, you haven’t claimed a niche and you lack confidence because of that;
  • You have a deeply spiritual purpose and you’re afraid to claim it;
  • You’ve been feeling alone and you're aching for deep soulful and supportive connection.

Why join the SOUL'S CALLING™ Sisterhood??

As Steven Pressfield says:

“The more important an activity is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistance your will feel.”

If you are feeling an urgency to do what you came here to do, you are hearing the call of your soul.  You know it’s time to stop hiding who you really are – but it’s so scary and overwhelming and confusing.

Creating a coaching business that is the intersection of your biggest joy and the world’s biggest needs WILL evolve your soul and WILL bring up your resistance. Our survival as a species has been based on NOT making change.  We are hard-wired to feel resistance when we try to change.  Our brains will question and criticize and doubt to keep us safe.

Learning to feel afraid and yet continue on creating and growing your soul-based business IS the challenge of the Life Coach Entrepreneur. 

You need to keep connecting with your Soul, keep doing and keep getting out of your own way or else you won’t create the work you were meant for.

In the Soul's Calling Sisterhood, you’ll REMEMBER your soul’s purpose, overcome resistance, create your soul’s work and find a sisterhood of support.

What do you get from the SOUL'S CALLING™ Sisterhood?

The Soul's Calling Sisterhood is a Retreat, Mastermind and Mentoring Program that takes place over a 3 month period. The program will help you to trust your wisdom, unlock your genius, get out of your own way and create the business that is aligned with your purpose.

You will:

1.     Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose – so that you find your direction and motivation;

2.     Claim Your Multiple Gifts – so that you build your confidence and your competence;

3.     Define Your Soul’s Niche – so that you get a focus for your business;

4.     Craft Your Message – so that the people who need you can find you;

5.     Create an Offer They Crave and You LOVE – so you can make a living while making a difference, doing what you’re passionate about;

6.     Stop Hiding, Release Resistance & Face Fear – so that you get of the couch and DO IT NOW.

When we’re done you'll:

  • Have a business that fits you perfectly, doing what you love, the way you love to do it, serving the people that you love the most;
  • Be confident about your business and your niche, which may or may not have a coaching focus;
  • Know exactly what your soul-service is and be building your own tribe;
  • Take action and no longer believe that you’re not ready yet;
  • No longer feel alone, and you’ll have a soul sisterhood for life-time support and connection;
  • Listen to your own soul’s voice more than to the latest entrepreneurial guru;
  • Be the healer, leader, teacher or guide that you were meant to be. 


THE SOUL'S CALLING™ Sisterhood - an extraordinary 3 months!

If you crave deep, in-person connections this experience will feed your soul

Even though we dive deep, this work isn’t solemn and serious. It’s fun, and it’s playful. You’ll have belly laughs, and you’ll probably shed a few tears. I can promise you, that you’ll feel safe to be exactly who you are…warts and all.

A sisterhood is a deep soul connection with others.  The bonds of sisterhood are built with love, and the desire to see each-other rise to their full potential. 

Your Soul Sisterhood will hold you up when you doubt and support you when life gets in the way of your dreams.  Your Soul Sisters will help you to be the “real” you and drop the pretense.  They will see your beauty when you can’t see your own.  They will remind you over and over again who you really are, when your mind wants to forget.

The power of a sisterhood will ignite, inspire and support you.


Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Starting at the RETREAT at the beautiful Spa Nordik in Chelsea, Quebec, you'll unlock your soul's purpose and remember what you came here to do.

Own Your Genius

In the WEEKLY MASTERMIND, live video calls, you'll claim your multiple gifts, get out of your own way and have weekly business building activities to undertake. You'll find your voice and start DOING.

Find Your Soul Tribe

You'll create a deep bond with your soul sisters.  You'll use your genius with your soul sisters, get the support you need to stop hiding. You won't be alone anymore.

Get Going!

FOR 3 MONTHS, you'll have weekly LIVE group video calls and two private coaching sessions with Bev.  You'll get the guidance, the coaching and the accountability you need.