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Hi Intuitive & Empathic Life Coaches!

Are you creating a coaching business
but constantly second guessing yourself? Do you wish that you were clear and your confident about what you do and how you do it? Do you need help getting out of your own way?

Can you imagine not stammering and stuttering when people ask you want you do? Claiming your soul’s niche and having the confidence that comes with that? No longer hiding or fearing that the world doesn't want what you have to offer? Finally releasing old and multi-generational patterns that no longer serve you?

Being the best coach, you can be? Embracing the uncertainty of this new business journey and learning to navigate it with your soul’s wisdom rather than your ego’s fears?


Hi I'm Bev!

And if you're anything like me, you were likely called to this profession because you're passionate about helping people to heal and transform their lives. That's what Life Coaches do.

Before you found life coaching, you were probably stuck in a profession where you couldn’t be fully you. You hid your ability to sense energy, or your intuitive gifts. Until you couldn't anymore - and through choice, or a divine intervention, you became a Life Coach.

What a relief! Finding others that think like you. Finding a profession where you can put your inside self on the outside, and start expressing your truth. Start making the difference you came here to make!

So why do you feel so uncertain?

Why does your confidence fluctuate? Sometimes it's through the roof and other times it's in the dumps.

Why do you have so much trouble making decisions?

And why do you still put everything else in your life first except creating this business?

I want you to know that nothing is wrong with you. I can help. You need a Mentor.



Can you imagine having a deep sense of certainty and clarity about your direction?

Can you imagine no longer hiding or trying to fit in?

Can you imagine creating a business that fits you perfectly and totally lights you up? Getting out of your own way? Claiming your value and worth? Being completely and unflinchingly YOU? Being the lighthouse for YOUR people. Navigating this new business terrain using your soul and not your ego?

As a Life Coach, you're in a uniqe position where you're shifting both WHAT you do (your craft), and HOW you do it (transitioning from employee to business owner) at the same time.

And what this really means is you're shifting from feeling like an expert in your professional life, to beginner status as a Life Coach & Entrepreneur. Plus, in order to make a living, YOU are now responsible for getting clients and generating revenue, not an organization that you work for, or some one else's business or reputation.

That brings up all kinds of vulnerability. You might fall into your old pattern of freezing, not doing anything, hiding and trying to be seen. But when you're creating a business, hiding is no longer an option. To have a business, you have to be seen. 

How does a creative, intuitive empath stop fitting in and start standing out?

That's the path I've walked too. That's why I'm offering my services as your Mentor. Because I know it's possible, and it's hard (read impossible) to do it alone. I've done it - shifted from bored, underutilized government middle manager, to inspired, successful Life Coach Entrepreneur, & you can too!

What I've discovered is that you need a unique combination of life & business & fear-busting coaching & guidance to get you aligned with your soul.

You'll get motivated by truly claiming your purpose and believing that this is your calling. You'll also need to undo a life-time of programming telling you to stay in the background, fit in, do what's expected by others. That's the hardest habit to break.

You're smart. Creating a business on-line, finding and maintaining clients can be easily learned. It's the resistance, perfectionism and self-doubt that will stop you. Your sneaky outdated programming about who you're supposed to be in this world is your biggest obstacle.

To overcome this, you need to feel fully supported and safe - so that you can allow yourself to be vulnerable. You need a Mentor who's a partner, a coach, a teacher, and someone who you can belly laugh with too.

If you work best one-on-one, then Mentoring is for you.


Here's what you'll get from our work together:

  • You’ll get a partner and a mentor so you get the guidance and collaboration that you crave; stop feeling like a fraud, and start remembering how great you are;
  • You'll excavate and release old, outdated multi-generational beliefs that are blocking you;
  • You’ll stop struggling with your confidence and start deeply believing that you have a unique gift to offer;
  • You’ll get feedback on your coaching, and insight on coaching tools and skills so that you develop and become the best coach you can be;
  • You’ll get seen by someone who “gets” you and will challenge you and encourage you to become all you can be;
  • You’ll clarify the big vision of your business as well as the services you offer – and ideas on how to get these services out to market;
  • You’ll start confidently using your soul to guide you rather than your ego, so that you make the decisions that are right for you;
  • You’ll outwit fear, doubt, resistance, overwhelm and perfectionism so that you can dare to decide to develop and grow your business;
  • You’ll value yourself and your services, so that you can make a living using your gifts;
  • You’ll design the products and services that showcase your unique genius;
  • You’ll align your business with your soul's purpose so that you create the work that fits you perfectly.

You'll stop playing it safe, stop hiding and to start being fully and beautifully you.


Soul-to-Soul Life Coach Mentoring Includes:

1. A partnership, private coaching/mentoring & my intuitive radar.

You’ll get up to 3 sessions per month over a period of 4 months. We can customize this schedule so that it works for you!

During each session, you’ll feel supported, heard, and motivated. You'll get my intuitive radar focused on YOU. You'll get advise, mentoring and coaching. All my work is to help you find & follow your soul's truth. You’ll get the full, undivided, loving attention that you need. You’ll feel safe and nurtured. You’ll have the freedom to creatively explore the possibilities for your life and your business. You’ll leave each session feeling lighter and refreshed with renewed energy to continue your business creation.

Getting mentored & coached will help you to get out of your own way, get inspired, move to action and build & grow your business in a way that fits you perfectly. You'll feel like you finally have that partner you've been craving and you'll stop feeling alone.

****Because I pay such close attention to each client, I only take on a limited number of clients****

2. A mirror. Feedback on your coaching style.

You'll get feedback on your coaching style and help to hone in on your particular flavor of that you can use it more! When you provide a recording of your coaching session, you'll get the constructive and kind feedback that you crave.  One of the best ways to get confident about what you do is to let an experienced Mentor listen to your coaching and give you feedback.

You’ll find out what your own coaching genius is, and what you need to keep practicing, so that you become the best coach that you can be. You’ll get concrete suggestions that you can easily action.

3. Tools & learning. Access to ALL my on-line courses which include a treasure house of videos, worksheets, meditations, tools, recordings and more.  

These tools will support your transformation and enhance the results that you get from our work together. Your biggest transformations happen in between the coaching sessions. This archive of tools ensures that you are fully supported between sessions. Here are just some of the materials you’ll get access to:

  • The Discover Your Soul's Calling On-line Course Materials - This is a complete on-line course which includes videos, tools, templates & resources to help you to really see yourself, uncover your unique gifts & genius, identify any old programming, fear, and resistance that keeps you stuck, veering off track or hiding, and really connect to your true soul's calling. 

4. BONUS - The Soul's Calling™ Card Deck

This card deck is designed to help you connect to your soul's wisdom. Each card contains a question or prompt, that will help you dare to decide to answer your soul’s calling.


Four (4) Payments of $897 (USD)*/month


One Payment  of $3500* (USD)

* Residents of Canada pay at par in Canadian dollars - plus applicable taxes.



Step 1:

Read through this page and make sure my mentoring services feel right for you!

Step 2:

Are you interested in working with me? Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute consult. We’ll determine what the best program is for you and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Step 3:

At the scheduled time I’ll call you by telephone or send you a ZOOM link, if you are outside of North America. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit. 


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