Meet Nicole Croizier

Hi! I'm Nicole - Master Certified Marketing Consultant, Endorsed Soul's Calling Coach, Certified Equus Coach, and instructor & team leader for Martha Beck's Wayfinder Life Coach Training.

And if you're life coach living in a lonely solopreneur world, I might just also be your partner-in-crime! Your business & marketing partner-in-crime that is. Here's a bit more about my story - and I can't wait to see you in one of our courses, retreats, trainings - or my one-on-one mentoring. 

From Exhausted to Doing What I Love

I spent most of my corporate marketing career feeling tired, frustrated - and desperately trying to figure out how to fit ME into the corporate mold.

Fifteen years & 12 jobs later, I finally declared myself "unfit" for the corporate world - and decided my only hope for happiness was to work for myself.

So I started my own business - as a marketing & small business consultant. But then one day, four years in, I woke up tired, exhausted and dreading the day. 

That's when I realized that I had accidentally recreated my old soul-sucking career in this new business I was supposed to love. Worse, I had added an extra layer of "being an entrepreneur" on top of it. 

I realized that in every aspect of my business, I was trying to force myself to work in a way that "I should be working" and not in the way that I naturally work best. 

Plus, I had taken on work and clients I didn't really want. - because I was trying to please everyone. And this morphed my business into something completely different than what I envisioned in the first place.

This was a wake up moment - & I decided to completely re-engineer my business around ME. I only took on projects I wanted. I only worked with clients who reflected my values. And I structured my day around how I naturally work best.

And it worked! I started liking what I did again, stopped waking up tired & exhausted, & began to feel a spark of inspiration. 

But it didn't end there. My business is a journey. A journey that has it's ups and downs. There are still times I feel tired & go off track. But the difference today is that I have a support system. I know when I need coaching. I'm not trying to power through or do everything on my own. 

The difference is that I've done the deep work to see myself, to know myself, and to connect to my soul's niche. And this is what brings me back to my right path again and again. 

And this is what I want for you too. 

Today, I specialize in helping coaches & passionate solopreneurs like you connect your soul's calling to a concrete focus for your business - and bring it to life in a way that feels 100% authentic, inspiring & energizing for who you uniquely are. 

I know business & marketing best practices, I know what works & doesn't work, and I've been around ALL the blocks.

But I ALSO know that a cookie cutter system or approach won't work for you.

How do I know? Because even though I know better, even though I have all the skills, and knowledge and education, I still won't do ANYTHING in my business or marketing if it doesn't feel right for me. And I need to make everything my own and do it my own way. 

I have a hunch that this just might apply to you too. And that's why I LOVE getting to know you, and supporting you in designing your own ideal business, your own ideal marketing approach. A business & marketing approach that 100% reflects who you are, how you naturally work best. This is the key to feeling inspired, energized & motivated in your business. 


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