Meet Bev Barnes - Master Soul's Calling Coach Instructor,
& Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap &
the Soul's Calling® Coach/Facilitator Training

I spent my whole life trying to fit in, trying not to make waves, trying not to be seen.  I believed that it wasn’t safe to be seen and I grew up having a lot of evidence that this belief was true.

When I was 5 years old living in England – little children chased me and my sister home from school, throwing stones and calling us "Blackie".  I couldn’t understand and asked my mum why they were doing it. She couldn’t explain. She just told us to call them “Chalk” – which worked by the way – they stopped.

I started being very cautious. I decided that it was unsafe to stand out, so I started doing everything I could to fit in. When we crossed the ocean and moved to Canada, I dumped my British accent and my seven-year old self, took on the job of learning all the Canadian rules and following them – so that we wouldn’t be rejected or criticized.

And, it worked.

I fit in. I had lots of friends in my virtually all-white high-school. I was good in sports and in school. But I had no idea who I was, what I liked, what was unique about me.

When you spend your whole life fitting in, you don’t know what makes you stand out.

You’re blind to the beauty of your unique difference….which is what you’re here on earth to express. And so, I was totally lost about what to do with my life.

By the time I was 30 years old, I was living a life where I was successful on the outside - great salary and prestige, downtown apartment, travel for fun and work – but miserable on the inside. I was worried that I didn’t have any passions and that I’d never find meaning. I was yearning for something that I couldn’t name – I was yearning to do something that I loved that made a difference in the world.

Something inside me always knew that I wasn’t living the life I was meant to live.

The last straw came at an out-of-town work meeting, in a hotel ballroom, where I felt like I was an alien. I was SO different from these people – even though I was keeping that all to myself. I didn’t agree with or understand how they thought. I didn’t agree with the values in my industry. I didn’t agree with the way that people were treated. I felt like everybody was wearing a mask and nobody was authentic. And I was pretending too – pretending that all was well.

I was seeking a deeper connection with the truth of who people were and this job was never going to help me get there. I could no longer deny that I didn’t fit in. I had to claim it. Was I going to spend my life pretending? Was I going to spend my life ignoring my ache, my yearning for something else, even though I didn’t know what it was?

So, in an act of rebellion, I left. I snuck out.

I ended up at a self-help bookstore with acoustic music playing in the background and I could finally exhale. I finally felt like me.

That was the day that I dared to decide to discover what I was meant to do.

I dared to believe that there was something I was meant to do and I dared to decide to discover it. Even though I was scared that there was no work I’d ever love. Even though it meant that I might be rejected by people who didn’t see life the same way I did. I couldn’t pretend any longer to be someone I wasn’t. I had to discover who I really was and start being her.

It was a calling from my soul.

And that’s where my journey to my soul’s calling began. I’ve been on this voyage for 25 years now – letting my soul lead (most of the time). There have been ups and downs, stops and starts, but daring to decide to discover and then do what I was meant to do was THE most important first step.

I discovered that my purpose in life is to help people to discover and claim their own beauty, so that I can do my part in the bigger mission that MANY people have, to facilitate the renewal of the planet, a shift from an ego-driven consciousness to a soul-sourced consciousness. 

I discovered that I was born to help people make the same journey I had.

I discovered that my pain was a necessary signpost leading to my purpose.

I discovered that I had to stop fitting in, stop hiding, and stop denying my truth to discover my calling.

I discovered that I had to be who I truly was to do what I was born to do. I couldn’t fake it.

As I continued my journey, I gained even more clarity and discernment about my soul’s niche. I discovered that I was deeply called to help highly empathic and highly intuitive, natural born healers, helpers and guides…to value their true soul self, claim their innate gifts and start doing this healing, helping and guiding work in the world.

And that’s why I created the Soul’s Calling Academy.

Along the way I acquired many credentials through my professional experience and training including:

  • a Master’s Degree in Psycho-Education;
  • a Graduate diploma in Brief and Strategic Therapy;
  • Certification as a Career Counselor in Quebec;
  • Life Coach and Master Life Coach Certification from Dr. Martha Beck;
  • Certification as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator user as well as a variety of other self-assessment tools.

I’ve worked in corporate settings, on First Nations Reserves and in Universities and I’ve seen first-hand how much people suffer when they aren’t doing what they were made to do.

I’ve created retreats, workshops and training programs. I’ve coached and trained hundreds and hundreds of people who have been trying to find themselves and their direction in their lives and careers.

And I know it’s possible.

You can create your life’s work – even if you don’t know how, even if you’re too scared to do it. I never believed I’d ever be happy in anything I did for work.

And I am.

For me that’s a miracle!

Now I use my whole empathic self, my laser-focused intuition, my whole heart and soul, and all my experiences, training, insight and perspective to do what I came here to do.

You can do it too.

As long as you dare to decide!


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Awaken to your unique and inner genius. Rise up beyond fear. Do what you came here for.