You've Found Life Coaching. Now What?

A Free Training Series For Aspiring, New & Stuck Life Coaches

With Master Life Coach Instructor Bev Barnes & Coach Instructor Nicole Croizier


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Have you found life coaching, but are stuck figuring out exactly HOW you want to be a coach & turn your new skills into meaningful work you love?

It is SO exciting to discover that coaching lights you up, and you can create a career that uses your hidden talents, where you feel fully alive! It feels like anything’s possible – and it is. Until someone asks you “So…what exactly do you do?” And you stammer and stutter and go on about limiting beliefs and energy and flow and passion and the law of attraction, and they don’t get it.

Can you relate? There’s a surprising first step that you need to take when you’re trying to create a career as a Life Coach or figure out if it’s really for you, that no one really talks about. If you don’t take that step (or skip that step & move right to business building & marketing), you’ll get stuck.

In our new 4-part Facebook Live training series, we'll walk you through:

  • Why it's so hard to really see your amazing gifts & genius as a new coach, especially when you're an empath & highly sensitive person who has spent your whole life putting everyone else first, and yourself last. 
  • Why your next step after life coach training is not business building & marketing - and what you need to do first instead.
  • Why you can't just pick a niche as a new coach, and what to do instead to uncover the deep soul focus for your work.
  • The exact steps to take next to connect who you are to your soul's calling - and get on the path to finally feel the joy, peace confidence & clarity that comes with knowing your soul's niche. 

The Live Training Has Ended - But You Can Catch All the Replays in the Soul's Calling Sisterhood Facebook Group

Here's Our Full Schedule:

You've Found Life Coaching. Now What?

Replay Available!

The Surprising First Step to Uncover Your Soul's Work

Replay Available!

6 Steps to Find & Claim Your Soul's Niche

Replay Available!

Training 4:

What You Really Need to Unlock Your Soul's Calling & Find the Deep Soul Focus For Your Coaching Practice

In our final training, we'll go live on Zoom for a one hour webinar where we'll walk you through the exact steps that you need to take as a coach & empath to finally uncover your soul's calling and define the deep soul focus for your business.

We'll also be talking about our upcoming Discover Your Soul's Calling Course - and this is your time to ask us any questions!

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Welcome, Welcome!

I’m Bev Barnes, Master Life Coach Instructor, and I'm joined by Soul's Calling Coach, Marketing Expert & Coach Instructor Nicole Croizier. We're so excited to have you join us in our four part training series, where we really explore exactly why it's so hard for so many coaches & empaths to actually create & do meaningful work around their true soul's calling.

There's a missing step that so many of these coaches skip over, but it's an important step. It's an essential step. And it's a step that requires deep work. But it's also a step that if you embrace it, and if you do the deep work, is so, so rewarding. And it's the step that will lead you to finally knowing what your thing is, finally knowing exactly what to focus your soul's work around. So you can finally feel the peace, joy, confidence and clarity that comes with knowing what you came here to do - and start doing it.

Grab the Replays from Our Free Live Training Series Right Here:

Get immediate access to the Soul's Calling Sisterhood Facebook Community & Updates.