Black. Life Coach. Sisterhood. 


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/blak/ Adjective.

A socially constructed category of people, who have various shades of brown-coloured skin. Members of the African diaspora worldwide. Descendants of millions of people who were captured in West Africa and enslaved, starting in the 1500's, who’ve been fighting to be respected as human beings ever since.


/līf kōCH/ Noun.

A healer, teacher, mentor, guide, advisor, or leader who facilitates the process of personal transformation. Develops trust, shares wisdom & walks with people through a  process of change and growth that ultimately renews their personal power & their sense of meaning & purpose.



/ˈsistərˌho͝od/ Noun.

A group of openhearted women who see each other’s power, brilliance & bravery without feeling inadequate – and who share their vulnerabilities and wounds without judgement. A group of women who give and receive, see and get seen by each other, and who  cherish, honor and support one another.


Black. Life Coach. Sisterhood.

A group of openhearted women with various shades of brown coloured skin, who are members of the worldwide African diaspora, who work as healers, teachers, mentors, guides, advisors or leaders - facilitating personal transformation as their life’s work - despite the fact that they have been fighting to be valued, seen and respected for their entire lives. In this group, these women are truly seen, cherished, honored and supported and get the mentoring they crave to fulfill their deepest soul's callings.